So you've booked a photo session. Now you get to start planning! How exciting! This may be your first photo session, or maybe you are a seasoned pro. Either way, here are my 5 most suggested ways to get the most out of your photo session!

1.) Be prepared. Yes, girl. Dive into the deep hole of Pinterest land and get ideas of how you would like your shoot to be styled! Not only will you find amazing outfit ideas, but you will find things that you like better than others such as poses, specific shots, and locations! Which brings me to my next point.

2.) Stay in touch with your photographer! Do not be scared! I am here for more than just taking your pictures. I personally, love collaborating with clients and dreaming up the perfect shoot! So send me those Pinterest ideas!

3.) Come with backup outfits. I know the struggle of wardrobe malfunctions. Trust me, always having a backup is never a bad idea. Like ever.

4.) Try to hold off feeding other horses until the session is finished with. Nothing can make a horse more anxious than their buddies getting fed, and they are not. But I mean who can blame them? Same. Holding off feed time until the session is completed is an easy way to ensure nobody gets upset!

5.) Hang them on the wall. Cherish your precious memories for a lifetime by hanging your images on the wall. As always, please be curious of your photographer and ask about the print release for your images! The small investment will give you a lifetime of fine art and will bring your images to life more than digital images ever could.